Short Ribs Royale


Short Ribs Royale is the perfect transition between summer and fall. These beautiful ribs are seared, braised and finished on the grill. They also make a stunning presentation for an Indian Summer Dinner in the backyard!

  1. Preheat your oven to 250* F.

  3. Salt and Pepper the ribs. You can then sear them either as is on a hot grill or in the olive oil in a heavy pan.

  5. Place seared ribs in a heavy roasting pan. Cover with thin sliced onion and minced garlic. Add beer and enough beef stock so the liquid comes about half way up the side of the ribs. Cover roasting pan tightly with foil and place in 250* oven.

  7. Start checking the ribs at about 2 1/2 hours. You want them fork tender but not falling off the bone. Once they reach that point, remove them from the oven and take the ribs out of the roasting pan. Save the braising liquid!

  9. Here is where you can keep it simple or make it as creative as you like. You can simply grab a bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce and head to the grill to finish these babies off, but that braising liquid makes a mighty fine base for your own homemade BBQ sauce.

  11. Strain the solids out, add ketchup, brown sugar, cayenne… the sky is the limit. Whichever you choose, slather the ribs in sauce and get them on a hot grill. Don’t let the sauce burn, just get a nice caramelized crust on the ribs.

  13. Present on tied on the bone. Clip the strings, carve and serve. Enjoy!