Who We Are

The family farm is integral part of our history. Many consumers are finding that buying their food from local farmers not only supports their local economy, it also shrinks their carbon footprint and gives them the comfort of knowing where their food is from and how it is raised. The animals that are raised for us are treated as kindly and humanely as possible, knowing that their purpose is to feed us. While we started out raising the majority of the meat we sold, we quickly decided that we could deliver more quality options by working with ranchers that share our standards and values, and who are some of the best ranches in the state. These are people that we have known for a long time and raise their animals in the same fashion as we do. All of our animals are raised on pasture, within the confines of what is best for the animal.

How we do things

We learned pretty quickly that we simply couldn’t be both rancher and butcher. Luckily we have a great network of local ranchers that include lifelong family friends and friends that we have met along the way that share our core values; care for the animals raised for us, care for the feed those animals eat, and care for how those animals are prcessed at harvest time. We spend a lot of time meeting with our ranching partners to ensure that we are all on the same page as to those core values and to manage harvest schedules so that the animals are at their peak when we get them into our butcher shop. 

These core values are what give our customers, whom we lovingly call our Meatheads, the comfort and confidence that they can can be proud to serve our meats and seafood to their family and friends knowing that all that care makes for a super healthy and delicious meal!