Who We Work With

Meet the families who we have partnered with to bring you the very best products from Northern California!


How We Do Things

Our basic premise is this… we do all the vetting of our ranching partners so that you don’t have to. We have a few simple rules. All animals must have access to pasture, depending on what is best for the animal. Almost all of our beef and lamb is raised on pasture exclusively (any exceptions, like our Wagyu Ribeyes or Filets, are noted in the product info). Pigs and Chickens are raised on pasture but also get a grain supplement as they would not do well on grass alone. You can check out the specific ranchers section below for more details. We must know all our ranchers, how they care for their animals, what they feed them and how they are processed. Finally, we don’t worry about a ranch or the meat having a certified organic seal. With meat, in order to be certified organic, the parents of the animal, the animal itself, the ranch it is rasied on, the slaughter facility and the butcher shop it is processed in must all be certified organic. That is too cumberson and expensive to expect of all our partners. So, we make sure that the animals are well raised, fed quality grains where appleicable, are on “no-spray” pasture, and processed by folks we know and trust. By learning to trust us, you gain access to the most well raised meat available and have it delivered to you and your family in the most transparent way possible!

Langley Farms is Family owned and operated since 1998 in Petaluma, CA. Pete Langley has been raising our pork since we really got going in late 2010. He has become a great friend of our company and his pork is like no other. His pigs are raised on pasture and their primary feed is spent brewers grains. Pigs have a similar gut to humans so feeding them grains used in the fermenting process has a terrific probiotic impact on them. Happy pigs lead to happy pork!

Pasturebird Poultry was founded by Paul Greive and his siblings in 2012. They had converted to a Paleo diet and were on the search for well raised chicken. As many of you have found out, meat labels are very frustrating and misleading. While sitting around the family table at Easter dinner someone joked about raising their own. This was particularly silly as none of them had any farming experience whatsoever. Nonetheless, brother Rob left the table and came back 5 minutes later to tell everyone he had ordered 50 chicks and they would arrive in two weeks. And that’s how the best pasture based poultry operation was born!

We think the Whole Chicken is the single best thing we do, as it is the biggest difference between what you can buy in your local mega-mart and what we provide. Pasturebird raises all our birds outside, on pasture, full time. They are fed a Non-GMO certified, locally milled feed to supplement what they forage from the fresh pasture they get moved on to every single day. We think you will find that it is an eye opening experience to taste what chicken should really taste like!

SunFed Ranch was founded by members of ranching families with deep roots in the foothills of the Sacramento Valley and the rangeland of the Klamath Basin between Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake. Their cattle are born and raised in those open spaces where they have adapted to natural weather patterns to grow premium quality grass fed and grass finished beef year-round.

Five Dot Ranch, run by the Swickard Family in Susanville, CA, is a 7th generation family ranch that provides some of our incredible beef you find in the butcher shop and at farmers markets. They have a truly unique way of finishing their beef on a slow build non-GMO grain for the last 90 days before harvest. This small amount of grain adds the perfect amount of additional marbeling and flavor to much of our Premium and Dry Aged Steaks. The slow build grain is fed to the cattle while they are still out on pasture and starts out with a grass pellet and builds up to a full grain ration. This is a great way for the cows to adjust to the new addition to their diet and makes for beef for our butchers to work with. We think you will agree that this is a perfect way to grain finish beef!

Rossotti Ranch is the newest member of our family of ranchers, but certainly not new to our family. Julie and Tony are long time friends and grew up in the same town and high school as Adam. While veal has been controversial for years, the Rossotti’s have it all figured out and we couldn’t be prouder to have their veal in our offerings. The calves are raised out on pasture with their birth mother as any other beef would be, and harvested right after weaning. This means that there is no additional stress on cow or calf, and they are harvested at the same age as our pork and lamb. The meat is a beautiful rose color and the taste is not to be missed. This is veal you can feel good about eating and be proud to serve!