Ordering from Victorian Farmstead is pretty easy once you know a few insider tips! Here are some of them to get you started:

There are a few ways to find the cuts you’re looking for in the Vic Farms Web Store. If you’re looking to explore, just click ORDER on the menu bar from any page on our site. That will take you to the store where you can peruse by animal or category. Pro tip! If you hover over ORDER a drop-down menu will appear and you can go directly to the animal or group you like. If you know exactly what your looking for, just use the search bar by clicking the magnifying glass on the far right of the menu bar.

When you order a product, you will be paying a deposit. In the example of the chuck roast here, the $25 is the deposit. The reason we do this is we don’t know the actual weight of your roast until we cut and pack it. If you look just below the deposit amount you will see some key pieces of info: price per pound, approximate weight per package and approximate cost per package. This is what the final cost is based on. The difference is charged when we process your order. Let’s say the chuck roast we pack for you weighed two pounds exactly… the total cost would be $28. When you ordered you paid $25. When we process your order and pack it, you will be charged $28 minus the $25 deposit for a total of $3.

OK, you’ve filled your shopping cart with your meaty selections…now what? The next step is to select how you get it. In your cart, you will see all the items you selected. This is a good time for a quick review. Here you can change the quantity of an item, delete an item, or even click EMPTY CART and start over! Once you have the cart filled with just what you want, it’s time to pick your delivery method.

We offer three choices located just below CART TOTALS. “Pickup Yourself” is always free. On the next page, you will be able to select where you pick your order up. The next choice is “Home Delivery”. We charge just $15 to deliver your order pretty much anywhere in the Bay Area. All the details on how our delivery system works can be found by clicking the Delivery & Shipping FAQ’s button. Finally, if you are outside of the Bay Area or in an area we don’t cover, you can still get our amazing meats by choosing Overnight Delivery. We partner with Golden State Overnight in California and Fed Ex nationwide to get your order delivered Next-Day or ‘2nd Day’, depending on where you live.

How are items delivered if I pick Home Delivery???

Any orders placed through our web store are delivered frozen (even if you are picking up at a farmers market or at the butcher shop). This is for a number of reasons, mostly dealing with storage and transportation. We don’t have space to hold the number of orders we deliver to your local farmers market fresh, so they are frozen and delivered in insulated bags. We don’t have refrigerated vans so delivering frozen allows them to be in our vans (in coolers) for a full days delivery route. We are confident that our meats will arrive to you in great shape! You may see some thawing and that is expected and normal. Refreezing any items that are thawed is perfectly safe as long as they are cold. Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns.

What if we are out of stock on my item???

Occasionally, we will run out of an item that you have ordered. When that happens we do our best to provide an obvious substitution. For instance, if we run out of the Flat Iron steak you ordered we might send a ‘Bavette’ or a ‘Skirt’ instead as they are very similar. But, if we are truly out of any reasonable choices, we may have to delete that item from your order. Rest assured, you will not be charged. Your full deposit will be credited to your receipt.

What if my deposit is more than the total???

This happens sometimes when we run out of an item you have ordered several of. If it happens, we automatically create a credit on your account with us. It is super easy to see your credit, it is listed on your dashboard. You can get to your dashboard anytime by clicking My Account in the upper right corner of our website.