What are my delivery options?

You can always pick up your order for free at our Butcher Shop. You may also choose to have your order delivered to your home. We provide delivery within the San Francisco Bay Area for a small fee. In the event we don’t deliver to your area we will ship your order overnight via one of our shipping partners.

How much does delivery or shipping cost?

Currently, home delivery anywhere in the Bay Area is a flat $15 fee. We can overnight orders anywhere in California for $30 per box (a box holds about 20lb). Orders to Arizona, Washington, Oregon, and Nevada are $45 per box. We are happy to ship anywhere in the US outside of those states, just call for pricing.

When will my order arrive?

We have a three day advance on all orders. This means if you live in the East Bay you would need to order no later than Sunday for the following Wednesday. Please note that if you place your order on a Monday for the East Bay, your order will come the following Wednesday (9 days later).  If you select home delivery, your order will be delivered based on your area. Here are our current delivery zones:

  • North Bay/Napa – Tuesdays
  • East Bay/Marin – Wednesdays
  • San Francisco – Thursdays
  • Peninsula/South Bay – Thursdays

PLEASE NOTE:  We occasionally combine the Wednesday and Thursday routes to Wednesday based on the number of deliveries! We will send you a text letting you know if this is the case for your delivery.

If you select Overnight Shipping, your order will be sent out on a Tuesday. Orders within California are delivered next day, all others are two-day.

How is my order delivered or shipped?

All orders are delivered or shipped frozen. Please note that some thawing will occur during the delivery process. Your meat is perfectly safe even if it is completely thawed. As long as the product doesn’t get over 40 degrees, it is not only safe to eat it is fine to put back in the freezer. We have thoroughly tested our overnight boxes and they are expected to handle a shipping mishap that delays delivery by a day. If you have any concerns over how your meat arrives, please don’t take any chances and give us a call.