Pork Scallopini

This simple and elegant dish has many variations and can be done with any thin tender cutlet. I like to pound out the cutlet a little even though they are thin cut to begin with. This tenderizes them and allows for very quick cooking.

  1. Dredge the meat in seasoned flour and saute in a frying pan preheated to med-high with a little butter and oil.
  2. Set them aside and deglaze the pan with white wine.
  3. Caramelize a small, chopped onion and a few cloves of chopped garlic, then add a cup of wine and a cup of chicken stock.
  4. Reduce by half, then add cream to thicken.
  5. Add the chops and juice back in and serve right away, over linguini.
  6. Really, stop reading and go serve them! : )