The Holiday Edition!

It is that time of year we have come to know and love here at Victorian Farmstead, The Holiday Season. We survived turkey week, and managed at the same time to get ready to open  Victorian Christmas Tree Farm  the day after Thanksgiving. Now we are in the sweet...

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K.I.S.S. and Common Sense

There really is a lot going on for the Parks Family right now. Because of the new shop opening at Community Market, Laura has taken over the management of the Christmas Tree operation this year. With opening day Friday after Thanksgiving, we are all trying to jam 48...

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How My Drinking Is Good For Kids! (Barter, part 3)

Sorry for the delay, but there has been a lot going on, as evidenced by our latest newsletter. When we last met, I told you about the Meat Annuity and our first foray into the farmers markets. I will continue to leap around a bit, but for this post I want to get back...

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Turkey Comparison Shopping

I woke up this morning thinking about what regular people do for food during the holidays. I know that on the surface our meat appears more expensive. There are many reasons why that is and isn't true, but that's for another day. I decided to do a little research on...

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Full Circle

This is a bit of a digression from the "barter" string I have been working on. However, this is kind of a big week for us personally and professionally and I thought this was worth sharing... Laura and I always joke that if we really want to clean house, we just throw...

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Barter Is The New Black….and White (part 2)!

The Meat Annuity I left off last week stating I had invented the "Meat Annuity". This was the first iteration of what would become Victorian Farmstead Meat Company. You see, for years people have come out to the country to fill their freezer. It works like this: City...

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