This plea, coming on the heels of last week’s early April Fools post, needs to be taken very seriously. I’m asking for your help on behalf of a high school class mate. Alex Porrata was a few years behind me in school. I don’t really remember her well and I haven’t seen her since. None of that really matters now. She is being put through a series of tests of courage and character that will make you question everything you know to be true. I will include some links below for a more detailed account, but here are the basics.
Alex is married to Ron and they have two kids, 6 year old Yolanda and 4 year old Ezequiel (aka EZ or Zeke). In January, the family was devastated to find out that EZ had a rare form of cancer and it was Stage 4. EZ went in for his first round of treatment, and after several days was finally home with his family to recover and get ready for the next round. A few days later, February 2nd, his dad (42) passed away in his sleep of apparent cardiac arrest.
Sorry for the blunt description of events, but I can’t put a witty or clever spin on this. It is a situation that I can’t imagine, and that’s coming from someone who has lost a child to a rare disease. You can’t prepare, even when you are given time. And to have your world crushed overnight is to much to comprehend. So, as I would expect, the West Marin community I grew up in is rallying in epic ways. There are auctions, benefits, offers of meals, transportation, child care and even a yoga and meditation benefit! All that is great, but I need to use my place in the world to do some good in my circle of influence. That’s YOU!
Victorian Farmstead has partnered with Tara Firma Farms and BN Ranch to raise money for this family in a way that EVERYONE can participate in. VF and TF are each putting 100 one pound packs of ground beef up for sale for $20 each. BN Ranch is adding in in 100 one pound packs of ground turkey! 100% of this money will go to Alex and her kids. You can buy these at our butcher shop or any of our farmers markets starting Saturday, February 8th. Ground turkey will be available the following week. If you want to help and we are either sold out or you would like turkey, we will give you an IOU card for your $20 this weekend. All you have to do is ask for a pound of ground for Alex.
I can’t make it any easier. Find $20. Clean out your ash tray and couch cushions. Don’t have $20??? Donate what you can. Have a lot of $20 bills??? Donate and leave the ground beef for us to sell to someone else. Live too far away??? Mail a check. I will ship the beef. I have the most loyal followers in the history of the meat business (???) and I’m using my “ask” for this family. Please.