I was sitting on the couch a couple weeks ago on a Saturday night. Laura and I were watching a show and having a couple drinks. A commercial came on for the upcoming James Taylor concert in Concord on June 3rd and I launched the iPad. After about 20 minutes of looking at the seats and what was available, I typed in a few key bits of info and hit “BUY”. Laura asked what I was up to and I told her I just got killer seats for James Taylor for us and another couple. How cool is that?!?!

You see James Taylor, with a huge nod to Jim Croce, is my musical hero. The story telling, the guitar playing, plus he is one of the few aging musicians that can still sing. We went and saw Eddie Money a few years back (another of my favorites from back in the day) he actually had his drummer sing the high note lines in his songs. It was just sad. But with JT it still sounds as good as ever. I was pumped! Great seats for my favorite musician with my beautiful bride and two of our best friends riding shotgun. What could possibly go wrong???

Adam's 8th Grade Graduation Pic

Adam’s 8th Grade Graduation Pic

“When is it?” she asked. “Tuesday June 3rd,” I replied. “Ohhh sorry babe, that’s the night of Jack’s graduation” she informed me. What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks??? Who decided graduation would be on Tuesday? I know it is a big deal to go from middle school to high school. We are super proud of Jackson and can’t wait to see him thrive at Analy High next year. But a Tuesday??? Tuesday is the most boring day of the week, bar none. Sure everyone says Monday sucks. But I always liked Mondays. Fresh start, chat about all the cool things that happened over the weekend, and make plans for the following weekend. Wednesday has its own charm. You’ve seen the Geico commercial, right? “MikeMikeMikeMike…you know what today is??? HUMP DAAAAAYYYY”. Thursday is the start of the weekend in a lot of circles, and TGIF leads us right to those two days that are the reward for surviving all the nonsense the previous five threw at us. Tuesday offers NOTHING!

When I saw the JT concert was on a Tuesday I was confident that it wouldn’t conflict with anything. So much for that notion. Then my wife said something that really set me ablaze. “It will be an early night though because he has school the next day” she calmly remarked, as if this was not the most insane comment ever uttered. I’m sorry did she just say that graduation was on a Tuesday and he has school the following day? Yeah, ’cause that makes sense. For all my rants about the school system, and bad teachers and worse administrators, and the number of days the kids go to school, this was impossible to believe. He has school the day AFTER graduation. Here is a thought, Mr/Ms Graduation Scheduler…how about you have graduation when school is actually OVER??? That way I can go use my $800 impulse buy tickets (it includes premium parking!) and enjoy a night under the stars with Mr. Taylor and my wife and friends, instead of attending something that can’t be called graduation because the day after he is in the same freakin’ school attending class! You have got to be kidding me.

What does all this have to do with you? Well, it would appear that I have four primo seatsĀ (it includes premium parking!) available to see James Taylor and His All-Star Band on TUESDAY June 3rd at the Concord Pavilion available for sale or trade. Yes, they actually cost $800 with tax, license and dealer prep. The price may be negotiable if you promise to record the whole show on your smart phone. Ohhh or FaceTime me while you’re at the show…..I’ll run the ear bud wires under my shirt, they’ll never know.