And Now… Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming!

I enjoy the summer months as much as the next guy, but Fall is my favorite time of year. And if you look back, I probably said the same thing about Spring! Once we get past Labor Day, things settle back into a more consistent routine. Most everyone is back from...

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School Is Back In Session!

I know I'm gonna sound old here, but who draws up the school calendar these days??? Jack and Molly started 8th and 5th grade yesterday. Everyone, including J & M,are super excited about the new school year. So I look at the calendar and here is what I find. Not...

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Meet Pearl!

Meet Pearl The Ferocious Parks! She is our new Protection Dog at the farm. She is a Great Pyrenees mix and is in charge of keeping all our animals safe from predators. She will grow to almost 100 pounds!

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Just When You Think You Have It Figured Out…

First off, we survived Fair Week with flying colors! Jack and his lambs did great. Huge thanks to the Offenbach Family at Golden Gate Meat Co., Loren and Lisa Poncia at Stemple Creek Ranch, and the Palmaz Family at Palmaz Vineyards for buying his lambs at the auction....

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Fair Time Is Fun Time!

Monday is our family's annual pilgrimage to the Sonoma County Fair. Jackson has done the best job ever this year getting his two lambs ready for the fair. For the past 4 months he has spent at least an hour a day just in feeding and cleaning, and an additional 8-10...

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Spring Cleaning In June!

With all the employee turnover, things like inventory have taken a backseat to whatever the latest fire to be put out is. So yesterday, Ian (faithful Ian. the faithful followers) and I went through every piece of meat we have in stock and...

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