I saved this one from last week’s newsletter as it happens the same time every year. Some of you may have heard the commercial we are running on the Krush (95.9) and Vintage (95.5) in Sonoma County. It’s an ad for the tree farm with a little twist!

As I’ve stated many times, Christmas is a little different when you own a tree farm. We believe that everyone that wants a Christmas tree should have one. I know that the season and the holiday have more important meanings to a lot of people, but we think having that central gathering place and symbol of the holiday is pretty cool. So to that end, we ask the following: If you know someone or are someone that would love to have a Christmas Tree but doesn’t have the budget for it, please come see us! We always get more trees than we need from our farmer in Oregon for just this purpose. If you only have $20, no problem! If you don’t have a plug nickle, no problem! There is no judgement and you don’t have to make a big deal out of it. Just come pull one of us aside and mention that you saw this or heard the ad and we will take care of the rest.

Last year when I sent this out, I had a number of people that called and wanted to sponsor a tree for someone that needed one. So for those of you that feel the spirit, $20 towards a tree for a family that wouldn’t otherwise have one would be great. This is also a great newsletter to “SHARE” on your social media! The more families we can help the better. Finally, if you are part of an organization that could use a larger number of trees, please call me. If you can take care of the hauling, we will be happy to donate the trees.