Grandma Sally put out the Halloween decorations this week. That is always my tell-tale sign that fall is here and the holiday season has begun. I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, although years ago I did win best costume dressed in a baby blue full body leotard. I glued cotton batting in strategic locations and carried a spray bottle filled with water. Can you guess what I was (other than cold)???
Part of the Halloween tradition around our place is a Scare-Off between the kids and their Grandma. Grandma snuck into their rooms while they were at school and put a mat that when stepped on produces a loud witch cackle under Jackson’s bed sheets, and a spider in Molly’s bed. Someone needs to tell Grandma to step up her game! I can’t tell you all their tricks, because she hasn’t discovered them all yet. So far she found that they unscrewed her kitchen faucet and filled it with food coloring so it ran like blood. Kids win on that one alone. Good Luck, Mom!
With the coming holiday season, now is the time to start thinking about your reservations. No, not your reservations about inviting Weird Uncle Carl with the ear hair or about spicing the holiday meal up by trying that new method of brining a turkey using pickle juice and agave syrup. I’m talking about reserving things like Prime Rib, Crown Roast of Pork, Whole Leg of Lamb, and Porchetta. We will have  great supply of both Heritage and Broad Breasted Turkey. BN Ranch in Bolinas, is raising our turkeys for us this year and they are amazing! All these cuts and more will be available for reservation on our home page next week. Do you need a particularly tall Christmas Tree (Over 10′)? You do remember we are a Christmas Tree farm too, right? Email me your special tree needs ASAP as trees are being tagged for us up in Oregon as we speak.
We are trying out a new kind of sale/promotion this week. It was brought to my attention that there is a noticeable difference in giving away something tangible, rather than a discount on the amount purchased. This is an area where I would love to see everyone’s comments, and when the new web site is up this will be an actual blog and you will be able to discuss things like this in the comments section! For the time being feel free to email me…