With all the employee turnover, things like inventory have taken a backseat to whatever the latest fire to be put out is. So yesterday, Ian (faithful followers…meet Ian. Ian….meet the faithful followers) and I went through every piece of meat we have in stock and also cleaned the Chop Shop top to bottom. Ian is our new shop man. He comes to us from Safeway and is learning very quickly. If he doesn’t know the answer to a question he is great at finding it and getting back to you. He will also be going to some farmer’s markets with me over the next few weeks, and that will help bridge the gap between what I know and what I have actually taught him! In doing inventory we realized we have a few too many ducks in the freezer. They are now on sale for $30 each, while they last. I will bring a couple to each market, but if you know you want one, please let me know in advance. One of the results of this “spring” cleaning is about 100 lbs of meat that we have taken out of inventory for a variety of reasons. We call it ‘Dog Food’, but there are plenty of cuts fit for us humans. It may be just a little frost bitten, bad packaging, etc. We sell it for $3/lb (yesterday’s batch is already sold). I bring this up so that if you are interested in a batch, email me and I will put you on my call list when we have a box.

After much anticipation, we are proud to release the VF Fantastic 50 Challenge You can find the Checklist here. Simply get one of us to initial next to each of the cuts listed as you purchase them, and you get a VF T-shirt! Subscribers can get initialed any cuts on the list that come in their box. If you think that this is a clever way to increase sales, you are CORRECT! However, I designed the list to include some of my favorite cuts, and a lot of cuts that you may not have tried before. Think of it as our way to encourage you to try some new things and broaden your meat horizons!

Molly and I made our maiden voyage down the organ meat trail to great success. Check out our article to read about our Lamb Kidney Appetizer!