First off, we survived Fair Week with flying colors! Jack and his lambs did great. Huge thanks to the Offenbach Family at Golden Gate Meat Co., Loren and Lisa Poncia at Stemple Creek Ranch, and the Palmaz Family at Palmaz Vineyards for buying his lambs at the auction. One great thing about the fair is making new friends and keeping in contact through Facebook. Changes in schedules for the kids were posted there, results, pictures, etc. I have decided we are going to make a real effort to dramatically increase our Facebook presence and use it as s tool to communicate last minute changes to our regulars. Last week we closed the Chop Shop on Tuesday because of the fair and I had no real way to communicate that. To help encourage you to stay in touch, we will be posting Facebook only specials to commemorate every 100 new likes. We are at about 650 right now. Please help us keep you informed by “Like”ing us. It is the least intrusive means of communication we can use as we don’t want to bombard with emails.

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We made a decision after this week that I will go back to doing Farmers’ Markets for the next few months. You regular readers of this newsletter know that employees have been a challenge for us over the past year. We are going to take a real good look at how we hire and train employees over the next few months as we are going to be hiring several more over the next year as we open the new locations. I will actually be training my business coach so that she can really evaluate how I train people to do farmers markets for us. Thanks in advance for your support!

I had a great first experience this week with Crop Mobster. If you don’t know about this amazing organization, check it out NOW! They are doing great things by providing a way for food that would otherwise be wasted to get to people who need it. We offered 40lbs of Shank Steaks at 50% Off and they were snapped up in a couple hours. We will be making more “freezer clearing” items available there, so sign up on their site to get notices. We have 20lbs of Chuck Steaks that we will offer next week unless one of our faithful wants to snap them up at 50% off, 10lb minimum. These are about a pound each and are regularly $13/lb. On that note, we do have enough product to do some “Butcher’s Choice” boxes. These are filled with liver, heart, tongue, kidneys, and meat that is past it’s prime (freezer burned, etc). I can’t seem to find my waiting list from those that got left out last time. So this time we will do it on a first come, first served basis. If you buy 10lbs it is $3.50/lb and 25lbs or more is $3.00/lb.