Remember when Labor Day marked the end of summer vacation??? This year our kids started high school on Thursday, August 15th…..WTH? I guess it doesn’t matter but as I get older I seem to be less of a “go with the flow” guy and more of a “get off my lawn” guy.
The good news is that back to school means back to business as usual for Victorian Farmstead! Most folks assume that summer is our busy season what with everyone enjoying their backyard BBQ’s and whatnot. It is our slowest time of year (not that it slows down that much!). As our beloved Meatheads head off to visit friends and family in all corners of the world, they don’t have a regular need for their weekly meat. So we love it when the kiddos get

The Main Meathead!

back in the classroom and everyone gets back to their routine!

One benefit of summer is it gets me out to visit several of our Farmers Markets as I fill in for our staff while they take their summer vacations. It was great to “meat” so many new friends as well as catch up with many of our longstanding Meatheads. We have a record number of farmers markets we are servicing this year, and it has been really exciting to get all the positive feedback and put names with faces!

The Future Mr & Mrs Williams!

Speaking of staff…make sure and give Greig (Castro, Sonoma, Danville and Kensington Farmers Markets) a hearty congratulations when you see him. He and Sydney recently got engaged and he can’t stop smiling. We wish them nothing but happiness as they continue their life together!
Speaking of staff (part deux)…you may have noticed that our Farmers Market team is asking if they can send you an email receipt more frequently (even if you pay cash) and even if you have been a customer for a long time. We are revamping our newsletter and social media programs this summer as these are our primary methods of communicating with you. One major change we are implementing is that your email address will be how we identify you. We are teaching our system to remember your email so that eventually you will just give your name and the receipt will come to your inbox, you will get info on sales and events through our newsletter and up to the minute updates through our Facebook and Instagram pages. As an example, several folks that follow us @vicfarmmeats got a 10% discount at the Farmers Markets I did just for mentioning they saw our posts. Click the button and make sure you don’t miss out on the savings!
Back to school, while mostly awesome for Mom and Dad, also typically means a more hectic evening schedule as practices, tutor appointments, rehearsals, take up lots of time that were reserved for shopping and cooking over the summer. Check out the article below for some helpful tips and cuts that can help you navigate your tighter schedule!