I enjoy the summer months as much as the next guy, but Fall is my favorite time of year. And if you look back, I probably said the same thing about Spring! Once we get past Labor Day, things settle back into a more consistent routine. Most everyone is back from vacation, and back to their regular shopping habits. This makes it much easier to predict markets and in turn makes our harvest and supply more consistent for our customers. Another way we try to maintain some consistency on our harvest schedule is through our subscription boxes. We have been going through a major overhaul of our backroom systems and are going to be introducing new subscription boxes over the next few months. Any feedback from our current subscribers or even those of you that would be subscribers if we had X would be really appreciated!

Another great thing about this time of year is that it kicks off the Holiday Season. I know, I know… nobody hates the early promotion of a holiday more than I do. I actually saw a Spirit Halloween Store being set up on my way to the Daly City Farmers’ Market today. But yesterday marked the start of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. While most holidays create a great marketing and sales opportunity for our business, it has become much more than that for us. As someone who was born Jewish, raised Protestant, sort of converted to Catholicism for a girl, married an Episcopalian, and now is pretty much non-religious, it is very cool to experience all the various holidays through our customers. Over the years we have been a small part (sometimes a major part!) of many family’s holiday meal. I make sure that I not only know traditional meals for each holiday, but also the basic meaning of each holiday. Please let us know if your family has a tradition for your holiday meal and how we can help!

We ran our first Facebook Coupon a few weeks back and it got great reviews! We did have a couple of folks mention that they didn’t use Facebook and felt left out. It is really important that we keep our marketing costs low so that we keep the prices of our meat from going up. By using social media (read FREE) we accomplish that goal. Even if you don’t use Facebook, everyone knows someone who does. Just ask them to look us up, like us, and print the coupon for you! If you’re already a Fan, the coupon is pinned to the top of our timeline. One of the keys to these campaigns is that cool little “Share” button on every post on Facebook. Please feel free to share the coupon with anyone you think would like to know whats going on with us and wants to save $5. Those shares lead to new likes and that’s what keeps our wold spinning… new customers! Click the button and get your coupon now!