Tip: Room Temperature Meat?


Sounds like a recipe for a belly ache!

One of the most common mistakes I see/hear about is that people grab a piece of meat out of the fridge and throw it on the grill/oven/frying pan. Here’s the problem…doing that is the equivalent of adding ice to lemonade, IT DROPS THE TEMPERATURE! Great for a cocktail, but not so much when you want to cook meat evenly.

You want to temper the meat (fancy way of saying bring it to room temperature) before it hits the grill. Otherwise it will not only cook unevenly, but you have no chance of getting a good sear on the meat. Let it rest on the kitchen counter for 30 minutes for anything over a pound, 20 minutes for anything under. If it’s 90 degrees in your house, adjust accordingly. This is a great time to put a crust on the outside of the meat without changing the flavor, but that’s another tip for another time!