Gift Certificates

We have a somewhat unique way of handling gift certificates here at VIctorian Farmstead. I never liked the idea of a physical card because it can get lost and never used. In fact, and I know this will shock some of you, big businesses count on folks losing and never using a significant percentage of the gift cards they sell as part of their business plan. Not on my watch!

When you buy a Vic Farms Gift Certificate, we will reach out to you for some basic info on the recipient and send you a one page flyer. That flyer is personalized for you and has all the instructions for the lucky giftee to set up an account with us. Once they have done that the amount of the gift certificate is placed on their account and can’t be lost or expire. They can use it at any of our farmers markets, our butcher shop, or to purchase online and have it delievered wherever they like.

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