$50 Gift Certificate +Bonus


This special gift certificate is a win-win for both Meatheads and Victorian Farmstead! You can buy as many $50 certificates as you like. Once purchased, we will add that amount of credit to your account on August 1st, 2023. We will also be sending out reminder emails in the last week of July so you don’t forget about it. Each certificate comes with a 10% Bonus so you will actually be getting a $55 credit!

Our system requires a pick up date and location, even though this is a product that doesn’t get “delivered”. Please choose Chop Shop for location and whatever the next date available is. We will take care of the rest!

How our Gift Certificates work: We hate the idea of someone purchasing a gift certificate and the recipient losing it or forgetting to use it. So what we do is ask the gift receiver to create an account with us so that the amount of the gift lives in our system until it is used up. It can be used anywhere you can shop with us! Once you prurchase a gift certificate we will reach out (our you can email adam@vicfarmmeats with the details) and get the recipients name and any salutation you would like included in the communication. We then customize an instruction sheet for the receiver and email it back to you so that you can either forward the info or print out the sheet to include with a card or gift!

Please note that the amount you pay today is a deposit, Final price will be determined by actual weight and charged when we pack your order.