Faith For A Change

Comments after last week's newsletter were pretty widespread, ranging from way more scared than I, to commiserating, to one guy's asking how I could complain about sunny and 70 everyday (thanks for really sinking your teeth into the post, James).   I was reading...

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Barter For Pay??? (Part 4)

One of the great challenges I face as a business owner is employee compensation. Our business doesn't fare well with your standard hourly wage model. That is certainly an important component, but we had to get a little creative. I have lost employees that felt they...

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A Grand Occasion, A Good Sign and A Bad Sign

A Grand Occasion This Sunday is the Grand Opening Celebration for Community Market, our new retail home. There are several bands scheduled, beer and wine tastings, and Don Payne from Wild Pig BBQ and I are firing up the 24 foot smoker! We are doing pulled pork,...

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Traditions (con’t)

I saved this one from last week's newsletter as it happens the same time every year. Some of you may have heard the commercial we are running on the Krush (95.9) and Vintage (95.5) in Sonoma County. It's an ad for the tree farm with a little twist! As I've stated many...

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Holiday Traditions and Butcher’s School

Holiday Traditions The Christmas Tree season is half over and it has been great seeing not only our regulars, but so many new families as well. If you ever wondered if we really have the perfect tree for everyone, check out the tree this young couple cut down! We just...

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The Holiday Edition!

It is that time of year we have come to know and love here at Victorian Farmstead, The Holiday Season. We survived turkey week, and managed at the same time to get ready to open  Victorian Christmas Tree Farm  the day after Thanksgiving. Now we are in the sweet...

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