Man, I wish it was closer to April Fool’s Day…
Everyone calm down, we are not closing down the business or the new butcher shop. Here is the story: Monday I woke up and like 9 Billion other people I checked in on Facebook. I was surprised so see a post by the Barlow on behalf of the Community Market announcing that Community Market was going to participate in a movement called “Meatless Monday”. Now, you would think this was something management would discuss with their new butcher. It turns out that the Barlow jumped the gun a little and announced it before they had a chance to let me in on this plan to have no meat in their hot bar on Mondays. So once I got done throwing a tantrum and lamenting the disservice this would do to our fledgling butcher shop, I pondered an idea.
One of the tenets of our business has always been that people should eat a better quality meat in smaller proportions. In fact, Laura makes it a point that at least one meal a week is meatless. So maybe this was an opportunity to put my money where my mouth is. To that end, our shop in Community Market will be closed on Mondays starting February 3rd. Our Grab ‘N Go section will be fully stocked for those of you that shop on Mondays and you will soon have the ability to pre-order your selections and pick them up from Customer Service if that is the best day for you.
I can not say more emphatically that in NO WAY did Community Market force, demand, ask or even suggest that I close the shop on Mondays. In fact, they were shocked when I asked them if I could. Their only role in this decision was to announce that their Hot Bar would be meat free on Mondays. They will still make all the usual sandwiches, salads, etc. This gesture by Community Market to start Meatless Monday was what sparked the idea of closing and I ran with it.
This seems like a crazy idea for a business that has been open less than 3 months, I know. But it really accomplishes a couple things. Hopefully, it shines some light on this idea of eating a little less meat. I am excited to have a fresh start to the week every Tuesday. We will be able to have a cleaning crew come in on Mondays and deep clean our display case and shop. The day off will be good for the mental health of my staff and I. And finally, I don’t think anyone should tell you what you should eat or when you should eat it. That’s certainly not my intention. I do think that at a time when corporate America is encouraging us to use single portions of subsidized, chemically enhanced garbage large enough to feed a family of four, any attention brought to the idea of eating a little less of anything, meat included, is a good thing.¬†And, grudgingly, it gives the guy who wanted a black curtain in front of our case a chance to shop without the trauma of seeing our wares.