I woke up this morning thinking about what regular people do for food during the holidays. I know that on the surface our meat appears more expensive. There are many reasons why that is and isn’t true, but that’s for another day. I decided to do a little research on the availability and price of a decent turkey in our neck of the woods. I compared 18lb turkeys from the following sources:
Wille Bird
 “Free Range” (that’s not a slight, they use the quotes) – $7.30/lb
Marin Sun Farms
Broad Breasted – $7.50/lb
Heritage – $10.39/lb
(all frozen)
Deitzel (Whole Foods)
Pastured – $5.99
Prather Ranch
Heritage – $7.99/lb
Victorian Farmstead
BN Ranch, Broad Breasted – $7/lb
BN Ranch, Heritage – $8.50/lb
A couple of interesting notes: When I went into Whole Foods this morning the staff could not tell me what they offered for turkey, or where it was coming from. I got the Deitzel info off their main website. I think the thing that separates Victorian Farmstead and a few others is transparency. You will know where and by whom your bird was raised. It will be fresh, not frozen. And, like all our offerings, I stand behind every turkey we sell. Seriously, set me a place at your table… I stand right there!