Packed with families in mind, our Staples box will set you up with generous portions fit to feed four or more. Each box contains 5lbs of ground beef, 3lbs of chicken and 3lbs of beef or pork, all the same cut. For $75, you’re getting $100+ worth of meat and saving 25% off retail!

What’s in the Staples Box???

Ground Beef – As the name suggests, the idea behind our freezer boxes is to provide you with frozen cuts at a savings. One exception is ground beef. While we may put in five 1lb packs of frozen ground beef, we also have 5lb bags. If you get a 5lb bag it will be fresh, but ready to be broken into usable quantities and frozen within a couple of days.

Chicken – Each Staples Box will contain at least 3lbs of our famous chicken. It may be a mix of frozen parts (quarters, breasts or wings) or one whole bird. Either way it will provide you with enough chicken for a great meal and maybe some leftovers!

Beef and Pork – The idea behind this box is to provide a great value on enough meat so you can make a meal for a large family and have some leftovers. Each Staples box will contain 3lbs of one cut of beef or pork. Here are some examples: ┬áCarne Asada, Fajita, Minute Steaks, Cube Steaks, Short Ribs, Chuck or Pot Roast, Eye of Round, London Broil, Brisket, Pork Scallopini, Pork Butt, Spare Ribs, Pork Leg Roasts or Steaks.