Hello VF Fans,

My name is Joanna, I live in Sebastopol, I have a couple kids that might be rock stars some day, and I’m a competitive Weightlifter – that Olympic Sport where people hoist heavy barbells from the ground to over their heads. I’m also the founder and owner of Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning (SRSC), the first CrossFit affiliate in the Santa Rosa area. Thanks to Adam for the invitation to tell you a little about SRSC!

SRSC is different from other fitness studios or gyms and different from other CrossFit gyms as well. There are no machines or mirrors here, but you will see records boards on our walls documenting the progress our members make towards their fitness goals – the measurable results of good training and programming. We are a community: our coaches know each of our members and their needs, we all know each other’s names, we cheer each other on, and we hold each other accountable. We serve people of all ages, shapes, sizes, athletic experiences and goals, and we know that one size does not fit all.

Think of it this way: Victorian Farmstead is to Costco or Safeway as Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning is to 24 Hour Fitness or any of the mainstream gyms. What’s the difference?

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Our Member Stories are phemonemal – check them out to see the results of our programs and training. We’re located right near Railroad Square in Santa Rosa. If you’ve ever been to the West End Farmer’s Market, we’re inside that massive red building.

Because nutrition is such an important part of health, body composition, and athletic performance, we do quite a bit of nutrition coaching, and encouraging people to choose pastured rather than grain-fed meat is part of what we teach. It’s really great to have a local supplier like VF Meats to which we can point people!

Our belief is that a good nutritional program should be centered around eating real food. We know that “shakes,” fad diets, cleanses, and miracle herbs and concoctions are not part of a balanced, sustainable path towards improved health and fitness. Instead, we encourage our members to eat high quality meat, seafood and eggs, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, and healthy sources of dietary fats – it’s that simple. Eat good food, put your meals together in a way that is simple, balanced and (most importantly) sustainable, and experience all of the tangible benefits that come from a nutritional plan designed to help you create a healthy metabolism, heal your digestive tract, calm systemic inflammation and put an end to unhealthy cravings, habits, and relationships with food.

Check out our Nutrition webpage for more info, where you’ll also find a link for some free articles to help you get strong, lean, and healthy.

You are free to call us at (707) 542-7725, or you can schedule a free consultation here. We’ll be happy to tell you more about services and whether we can help you meet your health and fitness goals!

In Strength,

Joanna Sapir
Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning