The Dog Days of Summer

by | Aug 8, 2014 | 0 comments

If I’m being honest (and I try to be) I hate August. We are as far from spring and fall as you can get and- if you follow this blog at all- you know those are my favorite times of the year. Business is erratic and slow as everyone tries to get in vacations and day trips before school starts. There is no rain in sight, and even our coastal fog/air conditioning seems absent this year.

Laura and the kids are fully ensconced in the “school starts in two weeks” activity schedule, which would make the UPS Logistics Manager cry with confusion. Jackson’s football and Molly’s gymnastics practices dominate the afternoons, filled in with dentist and doctor check ups, beach trips and school shopping. Oh yeah, and if we forget that Jack wants to complete the Honeymoon Yogurt 3lb Challenge before school starts he may run away!

I’m usually a pretty positive guy, but August has me cranky. I don’t like being cranky. It’s bad for business and my stress levels. So what’s a small business owner to do???

First off: stop complaining, Parks! It’s time to get creative and I need your help. . .

We have hired a new butcher at the Community Market counter and this means (FINALLY!) I will have more time for some creative additions to our offerings. Those of you that tried the VF Bacon Burgers seemed to like them so we plan on having those available on Fridays each week and through the weekend. What else would you like to see? I know what I want to do, but I also like the idea of being challenged. So step up to the mic and be heard. Here is your chance to make a suggestion that could end up in our case.

Sausages are on the list. We recently bought our own stuffer and haven’t even had the chance to use it yet. For those of you that have been with us for a loooong time, you may remember the frenzy created by my Lamb Sausage with Mint and Chardonnay. That will be making a comeback along with Blackened Bourbon Chicken and Apple Brandy Pork. What sounds good to you?

I also want to get into some terrines. Country Pate is one of my favorites and we have so many great proteins to choose from. Speaking of great ingredients, I’m ready to start doing some more with rabbit. Because of that we will start to have parts available alongside our whole rabbit. We have really gained a solid reputation for the flavor and tenderness of our pastured rabbit, and if you have’t tried it you’re missing out!

Okay, I’m less cranky now. The thought of new flavors and presentations gets me fired up! Comment on this with any ideas and let’s see what kind of magic we can conjure up. Thanks for the therapy session! I have to remember to bill myself. . .

September is only 22 days away. . .