The Custom Box

Custom Meat Box

The Custom Box is perfect for those that know exactly what they want in their subscription. You will have complete freedom to shop from our web store to fill your box. Beef, pork, lamb and chicken will all be at your beck and call, as well as our incredible bacon and sausages. Here’s how it works:

Simply commit to a $50 minimum order on the schedule of your choosing (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) and you will save 15% on your entire order!

And if that isn’t enough, commit to a $100 minimum per order an you will save a whopping 20% off your entire order!

By making a 6 month commitment, you get all that savings and 10% off of anything else you purchase from us.

You can choose to pick-up at any of our Farmers Markets or at our Butcher Shop inside Community Market in Sebastopol for free. We now offer home delivery all over the greater Bay Area for just $10. And in the event we can’t deliver it ourselves, we offer overnight shipping all over the western United States for just $25 per box ( up to about 25lbs of meat).

Need more answers??? Check out our Vic Farms Custom Box FAQ’s Page. And if all your questions have been answered, check out the Custom Box Setup Instructions!


The “Fine Print”

All of our subscriptions are pay as you go. When you establish your account with us your credit card information will be stored by our CC processor and you will be billed a $25 start up fee. You will not be charged for your box until a couple days before your pick up date.

We ask that you make note of your requested pick up schedule and make sure you pick up on that date. We ask that you give us as much notice as possible if you are unable to pick up on schedule. You can do that by emailing us at If you need to cancel a box, we require 3 days notice. We will hold any box not picked up for one week. In the event that a box is not picked up, we will refund the box charge minus a $25 restocking fee. We hate doing that!

Due to the nature of the Custom Box, orders are placed at least 48 hours prior to pick up and are subject to availability of the cuts you order. The further in advance you place your order the more likely we will have what you want. In the event we are out of stock on an item, we will suggest a similar substitute. Each subscriber establishes a “Default Order”. These are cuts that we will pack for you in the event that you forget or just don’t have time to place your order in the web store prior to 48 hours before pick up. This ensures that you will always get a selection of cuts that you are sure to love!

Communication is key! Let us know ahead of time if you need to adjust your pick up schedule. Any box not picked up within a week will be restocked and the member will be charged the $25. The biggie is if you need to cancel your commitment. All our subscriptions are pay as you go. In the event that you wish to cancel prior to the end of your commitment, you will be billed for the LESSOR of the balance of your commitment or the amount you saved by being a member.

All subscriptions renew automatically and continue until you let us know via email that you would like to cancel.

Cuts are chosen from our freezer stock, although fresh cuts may be included from time to time as available.

Get a wide selection of our pasture-raised meat and chicken and save.

We will have, ready and waiting for you, a locally & sustainably raised variety of our all-natural meats on which you will save anywhere from 15 – 25% off of our retal prices.
Pasture raised, free range, hormone free, local, sustainable Cow
Pasture raised, free range, hormone free, local, sustainable Chicken
Pasture raised, free range, hormone free, local, sustainable Lamb
Pasture raised, free range, hormone free, local, sustainable Pork

Pasture - Raised

Free - Range

Hormone - Free