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Select ‘Custom Boxes’ at $0; this subscription acts as your gateway to exclusive meat discounts.

The ‘Family Boxes,’ ‘Premium Boxes,’ and ‘Alternating Boxes’ are pre-paid meat subscriptions, each reflecting the cost of the box itself.

Select the quantity of Whole Chicken add-on's at $24 each.
Select the quantity of Breakfast Box add-on's at $30 each.
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Victorian Farmstead has established itself as the premier farm for the finest meat CSA in the Bay Area. Opting for a VF Box Subscription presents an excellent opportunity to enjoy a diverse array of our meat and chicken while enjoying savings of approximately 20-25% off our regular retail prices.

Our commitment to our subscribers is unwavering: We pledge to have a high-quality and delectable assortment of our all-natural meats readily available for you, allowing you to enjoy savings ranging from 20-30% off our retail prices! Subscribers committing to a 6, or 12-month subscription not only receive maximum savings but also an exclusive 10% discount* for additional savings on our meats, including sale items!

One of our most popular subscriptions is the VF Classic Subscription Box. With this subscription, we curate the cuts included in your box, providing you with the maximum possible savings. The box is offered in two sizes, priced at $55 and $110. You can choose to pick it up or have it delivered on a monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly basis. The standard box typically consists of approximately 20% steaks or chops, 40% roasts or braising cuts, and 40% ground or stew meat. This mix, which changes regularly, includes beef, lamb, and pork. If you prefer a beef-only box, please call to customize your order.

For times when you are unable to pick up your box, simply let us know 48 hours in advance, and we’ll remove you from the schedule. Additionally, once every 6 months, we are happy to move a box of your choice to the end of your subscription.

We also provide two add-ons to complement our subscription boxes. Chicken is our specialty, and approximately 75% of our subscribers opt for our Add-A-Chick add-on. This offers tremendous value, with VF Subscribers paying as little as $23 per bird. Savings may vary, but on a 4lb chicken (our average), that’s a 30% discount! If breakfast is not just the most important meal but also your favorite, consider adding our VF Breakfast Box, featuring a package of our famous bacon, a package of one of our incredible sausages, and a dozen of our pasture-raised eggs, all for as little as $26.

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