Porchetta, Unstuffed


What could be better than a perfectly seasoned and roasted pork loin? Wrapping it in skin-on pork belly of course! With a crackling mahogany crust and amazingly juicy meat, this classic Italian street food makes for a beautiful and dramatic centerpiece to your holiday table. We do all the prep work for you, scoring the skin and the belly meat. The stuffing is left to your own creativity!

Order by weight, at least a week in advance, and keep in mind that the beauty of this roast is all that belly fat keeps the loin super juicy. This does mean that is cooks down by about a third. We figure about 12oz fresh weight per person, a pound if you want leftovers (and you do!). The price you pay here is about half the actual cost, with the balance due at pick up.


$/lb: 15.00

Please note that the amount you pay today is a deposit, Final price will be determined by actual weight and charged when we pack your order.

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