Your Default Order consists of the items you will receive if you do not place a Custom Order at least 7 Days before your scheduled pick up or delivery. It should be made up of staple type items that you know you will be happy to receive any time of year. Try to avoid obviously seasonal items (i.e. ice creams or crab shouldn't make the default list).

To begin, click the Set Default Order link below and you will be taken to our Web Store.
Now, fill your cart with items and make sure you have at least $50 in the cart for a Small Custom Box and $100 for a Large. Once your cart is the way you want it, scroll to the bottom and click Set Default Order (don’t click Proceed to Checkout, all hell breaks loose. just kidding, just go back and click the right button).
You will get a little pop up that says your order has been saved and you should be back on your dashboard.

You can always check the contents of your default order by clicking the link on the left side again.

Now you will see the button and a list of your default items.