Custom Box FAQ

Thanks for taking a look at our Vic Farms Custom Box! This page should give you all the info you need to subscribe to and set up your subscription. If you have any questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to call Adam at 707-332-4605. If all your questions are answered click here for instructions on setting up your Vic Farms Custom Box!

 1  What comes in a Vic Farms Custom Box?

That is completely up to you. Our custom box is designed sot that you control exactly what comes in each order. All that is required is for you to commit to a minimum of $50 (Small Box) or $100 (Large Box) per order. In exchange, you will get a 15% discount for everything in a small box and 20% off everything in a large box. Making it even easier for you, our system will automatically change the discount based on the amount in each box. So even if you pick a small box, you will automatically get the 20% discount if your order goes over $100!

2.   How do I get my box?

You can pick up your box at our Sebastopol butcher shop or have it delivered anywhere you like. We offer Home Delivery to most of the greater Bay Area for just $15 and Overnight Shipping all over the Western United States for just $30.

3.  What are Add-Ons? And why would I add them to a custom box?

We offer two add-ons, a Chicken Add-on and a Breakfast Box Add-on. These are offered at a steeper discount than even the 20% enjoyed by those subscribing to the Large Custom Box. If you know you will want a whole chicken or the Breakfast Box (a pack of sausage, a pack of Traditional bacon and a dozen eggs) with every order you will pay less by committing to them for the duration of your subscription. Please note that you do not need to add these items to your custom box order, they will come automatically..

4.  When do I place my order?

All custom boxes require a 7 day advance order. That means if you box is scheduled to be delivered or picked up on Thursday the 11th you have until Thursday the 4th to customize your order. We recommend setting a reminder for 8-9 days in advance so you have some time to plan what you want in your next order. Or if you’re like me, it gives you a day or two to “snooze” the reminder without actually missing the deadline.

5.  What happens if I miss the deadline to customize my order?

That is where the Default Order comes in! A Default Order is like a backup parachute. It is a list of items you are happy to receive if you forget or can’t place your custom order in time. A couple of thoughts on this…experience has shown us that the items in your Default Order should be staples that you will use regardless of outside factors. You don’t want to have a  seasonal cut like Korean-style Short Ribs on  your default order in the middle of winter. And you may not want to cook a big ‘ol chuck roast in the heat of summer.

6.  How do I change my Default Order?

We currently don’t have a way for you to edit your default order. To change it, you simply follow the instructions to create a new one.

7.  How do I edit an order I have already placed?

We currently don’t have a way for you to edit your orders (although it’s on the to-do list!). If you would like to add to an order you have placed, simply click Shop Now on your account dashboard and place a new order selecting the same date and delivery method.. We will combine the two, only charging you one delivery fee, if applicable.

8.  Why am I only being charged $25 for my box?

You aren’t! the $25 is an administrative fee for setting up all the systems for your account like credit card processing, bags, etc. You will be billed for your orders as we pack them and get them ready for pick up or delivery.

9.  What happens if I cancel before my 6 months are up?

In the event you decide to cancel before your 6 month commitment is met, you will be charged the lesser of the minimum cost of your remaining boxes or the total amount of the discount you enjoyed as a subscriber. We hate doing that and most of the time we can work something out that works for both of us!