VF Custom Box


Your Choice and 15% Savings!

Are you the kind of person who knows what you want? Then this is the subscription for you! By pre-paying for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time you receive a credit for 15% more than you paid each time you pick up your box. You can either fill out a pre-order form and let us know what you want all packed up and ready to go or you can just come in to the shop, or your local farmers market, and see what’s available. Either way, you get all the advantages of being a VF Subscriber and while getting exactly what you want! Both  our Add-A-Chick and Breakfast Box add-on’s are available with this subscription. Why would you do the add-on since you get to pick what goes in your box anyway? Let’s take a look at that… Here is how it works: You have purchased a $50 VF Custom Box. You stroll into your local farmers market or our Butcher Shop inside Community Market and peruse the beautiful selection. You pick out $100 of our finest cuts. Because you have a $50 Custom Box, $57.50 is already paid for (there’s your 15% savings!). That leaves $42.50, right? Nope! Because you are a subscriber, you get 10% off anything else you purchase while your a member. So take 10% off that $42.50 and you only pay $38.25. Not Bad! Why do the add-on? If you get a chicken every time you get a box the add on will save you a ton. If you just get it as part of your box the full retail price is subtracted from your credit. If you do the add-on it is already paid for (at the much lower price) and does not eat up your credit! Same applies to the Breakfast Box.

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