VF Chick-A-Week


A Whole Fresh Chicken As Often As You Like!

If you have never tasted one of our truly pastured chickens, you are in for a real treat! The meat has great “tooth”, meaning that it actually has texture. It is incredibly juicy and the flavor is exactly what chicken should taste like. A reporter wrote an article about us awhile back and when writing about our chicken she commented that she couldn’t put her finger on it, but it just tasted “chicken-ier”.

We call it a Chick-A-Week subscription but it is actually much more flexible than that. You pick how many birds you want and how often you want them and we do the rest. It can stand on its own or you can pair it with either the VF Classic Subscription or the VF Custom Subscription. This works great for those of you that eat a lot of chicken and want to add a little red meat to your diet. Sign up for a $55 box once a month and a chicken every week!

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